Filezilla: The Server’s Certificate Is Unknown (Solved)

Filezilla The Server's Certificate Is Unknown

Filezilla: The server’s certificate is unknown error prevents you from connecting to your server over secure FTP connection.

As now all is moving to https it’s also good to enable SSL/TLS for FTP to protect plain text login credentials.

As you can see on the above screenshot, the server SSL certificate seems to be expired, even though we know that this is not the case.

Obviously the FTP server is pulling the the wrong certificate. Read More

Control Web Panel (CWP) – FTP As Root

You probably noticed that when you connect to your VPS as a domain user through FTP, you can only access the /home/username/public_html/ folder.

However if you want to upload something, like a plugin, under several domains, you would need to log in using the different user accounts, which is very uncomfortable. Read More