cwp pro yum manager

CWP Pro is the latest professional version of CentOS WebPanel. By using CWPpro you are also supporting further and better CWP development.

Even though CWP is free, you will notice that you will only be able to update existing Yum packages and repositories from your dashboard if you have pro.

But don’t get upset, it has a very affordable price of $1.49 monthly or $11.99 per year.

CWP Pro Requirements

– CWP installed
– Static IP Address

If you move your server, you will be able to change the IP address on your license and continue using it.

CWP Pro Features:

– Check for updates every 4 hours (default version is 24 hours)
– Yum Package/Update and repository manager GUI
– More advanced security limits per account
– This payment also helps to improve CWP updates and development of the new features.
– Mod Security latest OWASP rules with automatic updates.
– Mod Security latest Comodo WAF rules with automatic updates.
– Varnish Cache Server advanced setup by using RAM as cache storage (for best performances)
– Security advisor: Checks your server and lets you know how to improve the security of your server (we continuously add new checks for the security improvement)
– Removes CWP donation blue notification box from admin area
– Automatic update of service like: phpMyAdmin, Roundcube…
– CWP API: use with custom scripts or billing like whmcs to manage accounts
– PHP/PHP-FPM Selector: Run multiple versions at the same time

– CentOS 7: cgroups (most advanced resource limiting for cpu,ram,disk I/O)
– Security Tools: Maldet Scan, RKHunter Scan, Lynis Scan, SymLink Scan
– Monit: Advanced Server Monitoring with email notifications and service restart and actions
– Resellers Panel
– cPanel Migration tools

How To Upgrade To CWP Pro

CWP has automatic updates which are done via crontab. Allow up to 24 hours for your server to update.

If you want to force the update you can do that by executing the following command.

sh /scripts/update_cwp