Control Web Panel (CWP) – FTP As Root

You probably noticed that when you connect to your VPS as a domain user through FTP, you can only access the /home/username/public_html/ folder.

However if you want to upload something, like a plugin, under several domains, you would need to log in using the different user accounts, which is very uncomfortable.

Connecting Through FTP As Root User

How do we set up an FTP account for the root user, so we can use Filezilla to access the root folders of our VPS server?

Actually you don’t need to create an FTP account for root – there is a very simple way to connect.

Protocol: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol

Host: Enter your server IP address

Port: Enter your SSH port – the default is 22, but you probably changed it for security reasons when you set up your VPS

centos webpanel FTP root

User: root

Password: your root password

Click Connect and an SFTP session will be created, logged into your root folder.

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