How To Use FreeDNS Manager Of Centos Web Panel


FreeDNS is a free DNS Cluster with DDoS protection for serving your website DNS records. It is provided by Centos Web Panel for free, with no catch.

It is an alternative you can use instead of your own CWP DNS server, that is up to you.

Cluster DNS is using servers in North America and Europe.

The Benefits of CentOS Free DNS

  • You do not need to have additional IPs (DNS requires at least 2 IPs)
  • If yours server is offline DNS records on other IPs will still work
  • You don’t need to configure DNS server on your own server

How To Start using FreeDNS

You can register and start using FreeDNS here:

Navigate to the FreeDNS management page and create an account. Use the Click Here to register link to set up an account if you do not already have one.

cwp freedns

How Free DNS Server Works

You do not need to have any experience with DNS servers to use FreeDNS.

To start using FreeDNS for a specific domain you own, set the following name servers with your domain registrar:

After that you can control, add or change DNS records how you want and forward your domain to IP.

Note: Name server changes can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate and be detected.

Adding Your First Zone

Step 1: Use your username and password to log in. It will take you to the DNS Manager home page.

Step 2: Click Add Zone on the left menu. This is where we will add the domain you wish to control.

freedns add zone

Step 3: Enter the details for the domain here.

The default TTL times listed here will work for most uses. Feel free to modify them if you wish.

Furthermore, you fill in the IP address for the Web Server IP, Mail Server IP, and the FTP Server IP boxes. Filling in the boxes here creates the necessary DNS records for you. (You are able to do add these later if you do not add them now.)

Click Add zone when you are finished entering information to add the zone.

You can add, delete or modify any DNS records you need in the spaces below.

dns zone edit

Click Commit changes to save the record. Edits made will be lost if you do not click Commit changes before leaving this page.

Remember, adding a new domain to your CentOS Web Panel requires performing the steps in this guide again for the new domain.