How To Change CentOS Web Panel Language

cwp translate languages

This is the procedure for switching the CentOS Web Panel language and translation.

Admin Panel

On install, the admin panel itself only has English translation.

You can set the admin panel language here:


cwp admin panel language

Setting: LANGUSER=en

Download: CentOS Web Panel Admin Spanish Translation

Upload it to:

admin panel language upload

Client Panel Languages

There is a module in the admin where you can edit, clone or create new languages, the path of this module is:

-> Admin Panel -> User Accounts -> Themes and Languages

You can directly translate/modify the translations from the admin panel by clicking “Edit”.

(If your language doesn’t exist, clone the English language first, and change the translation.)

As you can see, the client panel exists in over 30 languages:

centos webpanel languages

The location of the language files:

/usr/local/cwpsrv/htdocs/resources/admin /modules/language/

The location of the language files:


cwp client translation

This is how you set it in the client panel:

cwp client panel choose language