CWP Support

cwp 1-time and monthly support rates

CWP support is very straightforward and inexpensive. This eliminates the biggest concern in switching to an unmanaged server.


The following is the pricing per server:

  • Once: $7,49
  • Managed CWP (Monthly): $12,99
  • Business CWP (Monthly:) $19,99
  • Enterprise CWP  (Monthly:) $34,99

1-time support covers one issue of the following:

  • Fix CWP integrated features
  • Spam Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Malware Scanning
  • Server Security
  • Mod Security Configuration
  • Website Security
  • Backup Configuration
  • High Load Resolving
  • SSL Installation
  • SPF & DKIM Configuration
  • FFMPEG Installation
  • PHP Configuration
  • Apache Configuration
  • Software Upgrades

One Time: is for one issue with CWP only.
Managed CWP: is Managed support for CWP servers only.
Enterprise Support: Faster Support and FREE nagios server monitoring 24/7.

How CWP Support Service Works

You will get access to support tickets where our support staff team will assist you in resolving CWP or server side issues.

Recently I had a problem after update:

cwp support needed panel corrupted

The CSS and images weren’t loading.

(CentOS is a robust OS, my websites were still working fine.)

The process is very straightforward.

After selecting 1-time support, you can specify the service on the cart page

cwp 1-time support cart

Add your notes and select if you want to pay through PayPal or credit card:

cwp 1-time support add your notes

You get the following email:

Dear Peter Nyiri,

Thank you for signing up with us.
Please provide detailed info about your issue including all required logins so we would be able to assist you.

If you have any additional requirements please let us know.

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You can now communicate through support tickets:

cwp 1-time support ticket

I submitted the ticket at 9:55 pm and at 11 pm I got the email response that the problem was fixed, please check.